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Increased Energy Output with Half-Cut Cells and Multi-Busbar Technology

The Tallmax M module adopts multi-busbar technology, which can shorten the current conduction distance by more than 50% and thus decline in the internal ribbon resistance by up to 15%. The design of finer and narrower busbars effectively reduces the shading area and thus increases the effective light receiving surface. MBB technology can decrease the chance of power loss, thus increasing energy efficiency. Trina Solar was the first manufacturer to implement the mass production of MBB in November 2017.

High Reliability

The Tallmax M module is one of the industry’s most trusted modules. With stronger resistance against hotspots and excess temperature, half-cut cells can improve module reliability. The application of multi-busbar cells results in more uniform loads to prevent stress, resulting in better performance. Nowadays the market share of PV modules featuring MBB technology is dominant in the global solar industry.

Higher Return on Investment Thanks to Higher Power Output

This Tallmax M module integrates various technologies like half-cut cells and multi-busbar, with the highest power up to 450W. Application of this Tallmax M module can remarkably reduce the number of modules employed in a power station, thus lowering the corresponding cost of supports, cables, construction and land thus improving the return on investment.

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